Hacked by "Cyb3r Sw0rd"

Security Doesn't Exists in Our Dictionary !!! We Are FEARLESS !!! We Are UNITED !!! We Are ONE !!! We Are UNBEATABLE !!!

Message To Admin

Dear Admin !!!

Your Site Security is Good,

But not Enough to Stop "Cyb3r Sw0rd"

We didn't Harm Your Site

We Just Defaced

Better Luck, Next Time!!!

Dedicated To: The Great Lamer Named As "TANJIM BAL FUCKHIM"

We Are

!!! Bl4ck_C0d3R !!! Xl33tX_Sn4p3R !!! Vodro Chele !!! Heart_Bleed !!! Task Force !!! Bidrohi Chinmoy !!! Dreamless Sunny !!! Shopno Nill !!! Hidden Baba !!! Cyber Dark !!! Stone Hearted Hiya !!! Leet Tomon !!! Incrypto Haxor !!! Danger Khan !!!

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